an American fish in & out of Estonian waters

The Best of Tallinn = flatfish’s favorites


Speaking of lists, here’s my list of a few of my favorite things – please click on the links if you want to read more about each place. Thanks!

Flatfish’s 2018 Food Favorites

Favorite Meals:

Breakfast: Boheem

Lunch: Gotsu

Dinner: Leib

Favorite Snacks:

Burger: Grillburger

Pizza: Kaja

New Street Food: Arepas Factory

Spread: Natty Cashew Butter

Favorite Bread:

Black Bread: Orissaare Peenleib RIP

Sourdough Bread: Røst

Bagel: Paul’s

Lavash: SGB

New Bakery: Küps

Favorite Baked Goods:

Pastry: Røst’s Ōnnsuus

Cinnamon Buns: Levier

Cookies: Ristikheina

Favorite Sweets:

Chocolate: Chocolala

Ice Cream: La Muu

Soft Ice: Surf Café

Pancakes: Poffertjes

Favorite Shops:

Market: BJT

Grocery Store: Kaubamaja’s Food World

Spice Shop (tie): Piprapood & Umami


Some of Flatfish’s Other Favorites

Kalamaja Favorites:

Neighborhood: Kalamaja (of course)

Park: Cemetery Park

Store: Majatohter

Street Art: Tartu’s Edward von Lõngus

Song: Smilers’ Kalamaja Cowboy

Book: Bianka Soe’s Kalamaja is in the Air

Coloring Book: Ulla Saar’s Not Entirely Brown

General Favorites:

New Estonian Book: The Poetics of Endangered Species

Means of Transportation (tie): Trams & Trains & Ferries

Island: Saaremaa

Estonian Word: Normaalne


Image: A flat wooden fish on a line made from an old fishing boat by an unknown Hiiumaa craftsman.

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