an American fish in & out of Estonian waters

Gone Fishin’


After celebrating the 35th anniversary of my first visit to Tallinn last week, I’m heading out on the road once again. Looks like 2019 may turn into bit of a wanderjahr as I hope to go on some of those big trips that I’ve been postponing. As I return to my more usual pattern of spending time both inside Tallinn and beyond it, those who’ve been following flatfish may notice a few changes.

As I travel, the frequency of my postings – and their length – are likely to decrease which should make some people happy! These alterations will in turn lead to others including – perhaps – some shifting patterns in my posts. Regular items like my weekly haiku may end up moving to a new day. And the content of my postings may also differ as I tap into various verbal reserves including my original 1993 Tallinn “blog.”

The one thing that’s unlikely to change, however, is flatfish’s continued focus on Estonia. As of today, my idea queue includes over 55 different stories about Kalamaja, Tallinn, and Estonia just waiting to be written. Some of them – especially what I call my “memory maps” – can be done while I’m on the road. Others will require that I’m back swimming in Estonian waters if I ever hope to complete them.

As in the haiku tradition which requires a “challenge” (I usually choose my two words) and a “response” (a 17-syllable poem), my friends already know that I welcome new ideas for future flatfish stories. So please feel free to send me a “challenge” and I’ll see what I can do in “response.” Oh, and if you notice Tallinn changing in interesting ways while I’m away, please do let me know as it will help me catch up on whatever it is that I shouldn’t miss. Thanks so much!


Image: A wooden fishing toy from Arkhangelsk.

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